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Joseph Heller

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Age: 76

Profession: Author

Other Profession(s): NoveList

Famous For: American Author Of Catch-22

Higher Education: Graduated

Joseph Heller Birth Date, Sign, Religion, Nationality, Hometown

Date of Birth
01 May, 1923 (76 Years 07 Months 11 Days)
Birth Country
United States
Birth State/Province
New York
Birth District
New York City
Birth Place
Birth Sign
Died on
12 Dec, 1999
Cause of Death
Heart Attack

Joseph Heller Early life, Education, Career, Awards, Achievements, Controversy, Unknown Facts

About (Profile/Biography):
As the author of Catch-22, one of the great novels, Joseph Heller was a satirical novelist, short story writer, and playwright. The darkly comic novel revolves around Yossarian, an antihero. Taking a satirical look at war, bureaucracy, and the maddening logic or lack thereof, it is based on the author's own experience as a bomber pilot during World War II. Rather than bravery or heroism, he considered cowardice the rational response to war. Upon publication in 1961, the book received mixed reviews, but its themes found a receptive audience during the Vietnam War era, and it surged in popularity.
1941: Joseph Heller worked as a file clerk for an insurance agency, became a blacksmith's assistant, and enrolled in a cadet school after graduating from Abraham Lincoln High School.
The first lieutenant graduated from the cadet school, was assigned to a squadron in Corsica, and at the start of the war, did not have any serious complaints about life in a combat unit.
1953: As advertising manager at Time magazine, Heller joined the corporate world after teaching at Pennsylvania State University. Catch-18, a novel he tentatively titled, was his first project.
1969: A play he wrote in 1969 was called 'We Bombed in New Haven'. Despite discussing the Vietnam War, the film delivered an antiwar message.
1974: In this year, second novel, 'Something Happened' was released.
1979: A Jewish, middle-aged university English professor named Bruce Gold is offered the post of first Jewish Secretary of State in his 1979 novel, 'Good as Gold'.
Aristotle Contemplating a Bust of Homer by Rembrandt, a 1988 Rembrandt painting, connects three periods of history through an eclectic historical journey.
Unknown facts:
Joseph Heller declared, "Some men are born mediocre, some men achieve mediocrity, and some men have mediocrity thrust upon them."


Joseph Heller Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair

Height (Approx.)
In Centimeters 185 cm
In Meters 1.85 m
In Feet & Inches 6'1"
Weight (Approx.)
In Kilograms 78 kg
In Pounds 171 Ibs
Eye Color
Hair Color

Joseph Heller Family, Parents, Kids, Father, Mother, Children

Father's Name
Isaac Donald Heller
Mother's Name
Lena Heller
Shirley Held , Valerie Humphries
Ted Heller
Erica Heller
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