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  • Helen Flanders Dunbar - images
  • Helen Flanders Dunbar - images

Helen Flanders Dunbar (Helen Dunbar)

Last Updated: 09 May, 2023 | Views: 233

Age: 57

Profession: Doctor

Other Profession(s): Psychiatrist

Famous For: Respected Physician And Pioneer In Psychosomatic Medicine

Higher Education: Med. Sci D degree from Columbia University

Helen Flanders Dunbar Birth Date, Sign, Religion, Nationality, Hometown

Date of Birth
14 May, 1902 (57 Years 03 Months 7 Days)

Birth Country
United States

Birth State/Province

Birth District

Birth Sign



Died on
21 Aug, 1959

Cause of Death
Heart Attack

Helen Flanders Dunbar Early life, Education, Career, Awards, Achievements, Controversy, Unknown Facts

About (Profile/Biography):             
Helen Flanders Dunbar was born on May 14, 1902 & died on August 21, 1959. She was known as H. Flanders Dunbar - an important figure in U.S. psychosomatic medicine and psychobiology, as well as an advocate of physicians and clergy working together to care for the sick. Patients were viewed as a combination of the psyche, the body, and the soul. Dunbar established the group in 1942 and served as the first editor of its journal, the American Psychosomatic Society. After World War II, Dunbar advocated for mental health care and ran several other committees dedicated to treating the whole patient.
Helen Flanders Dunbar Education: She graduated from Bryn Mawr with a B.A. in psychology and mathematics. Her medical degree was obtained from Columbia University in 1935. 
Helen Flanders Dunbar Career:             
Helen Flanders Dunbar played a vital role in pastoral care and counseling training in hospitals and clinics during the stages of the clinical pastoral education movement. Still, she was less active after the late 1930s.
She believed that clergy should receive clinical training and that symbols could be used to understand illness.  She was appointed to directorships by the America Federal Council of Churches of Christ, the New York Academy of Medicine, and the Joint Committee on Religion and Medicine.
Helen Flanders Dunbar taught at the New York Psychoanalytic Institute from 1941 to 1949. She established the American Psychosomatic Society in 1942 while serving as the publication's first editor.
Helen Flanders Dunbar Unknown Facts:
Helen Flanders Dunbar also promoted the use of hypnosis as a therapeutic therapy, and she wrote a book about the topic titled "Hypnosis: Its Therapeutic Application."
Helen Flanders Dunbar developed an interest in mind-body connections and emotions during his residency at New York Hospital.

Helen Flanders Dunbar Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair

Height (Approx.)
In Centimeters 155 cm
In Meters 1.55 m
In Feet & Inches 5'0"

Weight (Approx.)
In Kilograms 58 kg
In Pounds 127 Ibs

Eye Color

Hair Color

Helen Flanders Dunbar Family, Parents, Kids, Father, Mother, Children

Father's Name
Francis William Dunbar

Mother's Name
Edith Vaughn Flanders

Theodor Peter Wolfensberger, George Henry Soule Jr.

Francis William Dunbar

Not Known

Not Known


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