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Birbal (Mahesh Das Brahmabhatt)

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Age: 457

Profession: Historical Men

Other Profession(s): Singer, Poet, Main Advisor

Birth Date, Sign & Religion Details

Date of Birth
26 Mar, 1528
Birth Country
Birth State/Province
Madhya Pradesh
Birth District
Birth Sign
Died on
16 Feb, 1986

About Birbal

About (Profile/Biography):
Birbal was the main army general (Mukhya Senapati) and a Saraswat Hindu Bhatt Brahmin strategist in the court of the Mughal emperor Akbar. In the Indian subcontinent, he is primarily recognised for the folktales that highlight his wit. Birbal was a poet and singer who served as a minister (Mantri) under Akbar from about 1556 until 1562. He belonged to a group known as the navaratnas and had a close relationship with Emperor Akbar. He was also one of the latter's most significant courtiers (nine jewels). Birbal commanded an army to quell rebellion in the north-west of the Indian subcontinent in February 1586, but the rebel tribe ambushed him and many of his soldiers and slaughtered them.

Early Life & Life Span:
Between 1556 and 1562: He began working for the court, but details about his first meeting and employment at the court remain disputed.
The name 'Birbal' was bestowed upon him by Akbar, and he became known as a "Raja" thereafter.
In 1572: His first military service was as a member of a sizable army dispatched to assist Husain Quli Khan against an assault by the brother of Akbar, Hakim Mirza.
The Emperor later invited him to accompany him during his Gujarat campaigns.
He frequently took part in Akbar's political campaigns and was appointed to leadership roles, much as Todar Mal, who served as an advisor on economic issues.

The majority of the oral tradition used to transmit Akbar-Birbal folktales. The main theme of them is how Birbal outwits jealous courtiers who try to catch him and paint him in a negative light in front of Akbar, frequently in a hilarious way with him being seen giving snappy and brilliant responses.

Unknown Facts:
Birbal used the nickname "Brahm" when writing. His writings are preserved in the Bharatpur Museum in Rajasthan.
Birbal died when leading a large military troupe to Afghanistan during an expedition. Akbar mourned Birbal for months following his death.

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Father's Name
Ganga Das
Mother's Name
Anabha Davito
Urvashi Devi
Saudamini Dubey