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  • John Adams - images

John Adams (John)

Last Updated: 22 Oct, 2023 | Views: 420

Age: 90

Profession: Historical Men

Other Profession(s): Politician

Famous For: 2nd President of the United States

Higher Education: Harvard University (BA, MA)

John Adams Birth Date, Sign, Religion, Nationality, Hometown

Date of Birth
30 Oct, 1735 (90 Years 08 Months 4 Days)
Birth Country
United States
Birth State/Province
Birth District
Birth Sign
Died on
04 Jul, 1826
Cause of Death
Heart Attack

John Adams Early life, Education, Career, Awards, Achievements, Controversy, Unknown Facts

About (Profile/Biography)
John Adams was a known political leader and the second President of the U.S., serving from 1797 to 1801. John Adams was one of the key figures in the American Revolution and was instrumental in the drafting of the Declaration of Independence. He was a strong advocate for a strong central government and a federal judiciary. Before becoming President, he served as the first Vice President under George Washington and as a diplomat in Europe, helping to negotiate the peace treaty that ended the American Revolution.
John Adams Career:
John Adams Political Party: Federalist Party
Lawyer: Adams was a successful lawyer, practicing in Massachusetts and serving as a defender of British soldiers after the Boston Massacre.
Patriot and Advocate for Independence: Adams was an early advocate for independence from Britain and played a key role in the American Revolution.
Signer of the Declaration of Independence: He signed the Declaration of Independence, adopted on July 4, 1776.
Diplomat: Adams served as a diplomat in Europe, representing the United States in negotiations with Britain and France. He helped to negotiate the peace treaty that ended the American Revolution.
First Vice President: Adams served as the first Vice President of the U.S. under President George Washington.
President: John Adams was elected as the second President of the United States in 1796 and served one term from 1797 to 1801.
Retired Statesman: After leaving office, Adams retired to his farm in Massachusetts and remained active in politics and public life until his death in 1826.
John Adams family:
John Adams was married to Abigail Smith, and they had six children together: Abigail, John Quincy, Susanna, Charles, Thomas, and Elizabeth. Abigail was a strong and intelligent woman who was a key advisor to her husband throughout his political career. She was also a talented writer, and her letters to John Adams provide valuable insights into the life and times of the early American Revolution.
John Adams Death:
He passed away on July 4, 1826, at the age of 90.

John Adams Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair

Height (Approx.)
In Centimeters 170 cm
In Meters 1.70 m
In Feet & Inches 5'7"
Weight (Approx.)
In Kilograms 79 kg
In Pounds 175 Ibs
Eye Color
Hair Color

John Adams Family, Parents, Kids, Father, Mother, Children

Father's Name
John Adams Sr.
Mother's Name
Susanna Boylston
Abigail Adams
Elihu Adams, Peter Adams
John Quincy Adams, Thomas Boylston Adams, Charles Adams
Susanna Adams, Elizabeth Adams, Abigail Adams Smith
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