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Leonardo da Vinci (Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci)

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Age: 67

Profession: Painter

Other Profession(s): Engineer, Inventor, Composer, Poet, Philosopher, Mathematician, Physicist, Chemist, Architect, Diplomant

Higher Education: Writing and math

Birth Date, Sign & Religion Details

Date of Birth
15 Apr, 1452
Birth Country
Birth State/Province
Birth District
Birth Place
Birth Sign
Died on
02 May, 1519

About Leonardo da Vinci

About (Profile/Biography):

Italian artist, engineer, and inventor Leonardo da Vinci became well-known for his creations during the Italian Renaissance. Da Vinci's work spans both the fine arts and the more technical and scientific ones, and he frequently worked under the patronage of kings and nobles in the 15th and 16th centuries. Da Vinci frequently drew his drawings, sketches, and schematics in order to better comprehend the universe from a technical and scientific perspective. As a result, many of what is left of his work are not just stunning in their artistic beauty.


In the community of painters and physicians known as the "Guild of Saint Luke," Da Vinci had earned the title of master by 1472.

A sketch called "Arno Valley," made in 1473, with the aid of Verrocchio was one of his early sketches.

The Virgin of the Rocks was regarded as one of his greatest works because of its intricate manner and detailing.

The Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza, gave Leonardo the commission for one of his most famous works of art, "The Last Supper," on which he worked from 1495 to 1498.

Leonardo was chosen to serve as the military architect and engineer in 1499, and he was tasked with coming up with a strategy to protect the city of Venice from maritime invasion.

He drew a map of Cesare's city at a time when maps were not very widespread. 

He wrote numerous books over the years.

Achievements and Awards:

Duncan Dowson designated Leonardo as the first of 23 "Men of Tribology" for this work.

Charles II sent all of his drawings to England, where they were all stored in the "Royal Collection."

Unknown facts:

This artist spent ten years painting the lips of the Mona Lisa.

It is thought that Lisa Gherardini, the wife of a merchant, is shown in "The Mona Lisa."

Physical Stats

Height (Approx.)
In Centimeters 175 cm
In Meters 1.75 m
In Feet & Inches 5'8"
Weight (Approx.)
In Kilograms 75 kg
In Pounds 165 Ibs
Eye Color
Hair Color

Family Details

Father's Name
Ser Piero
Mother's Name
Caterina di Meo Lippi
Guglielmo Ser Piero,Lorenzo Ser Piero, Bartolomeo Da Vinci, Pandolfo Ser Piero, Giovanni Ser Piero, Antonio Ser Piero, Giuliomo Ser Piero, Bernedetto Ser Piero, Domenico Ser Piero
Violante Di Ser Piero Da Vinci, Margherita Di Ser Piero Da Vinci, Magdalena Di Ser Piero Da Vinci