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Giacomo Leopardi (Giacomo Taldegardo Francesco di Sales Saverio Pietro Leopardi )

Last Updated: 01 May, 2024 | Views: 160

Age: 38

Profession: Poet

Other Profession(s): Essayist, Philosopher, Philologist

Famous For: Philosophical pessimism

Giacomo Leopardi Birth Date, Sign, Religion, Nationality, Hometown

Date of Birth
29 Jun, 1798 (38 Years 11 Months 16 Days)

Birth Country

Birth State/Province

Birth District

Birth Sign


Died on
14 Jun, 1837

Cause of Death
Congestive Heart Failure

Giacomo Leopardi Early life, Education, Career, Awards, Achievements, Controversy, Unknown Facts

About (Profile/Biography):
Giacomo Leopardi, a philosopher, was born on 29 June 1798 and died on 14 June 1837. His work included poetry, essays, and philology. The constant reflection he has on the existence and the human condition—of both sensuous and materialist inspiration—has also earned him the reputation of a deep thinker.
Giacomo Leopardi career:
Giacomo Leopardi Early Life:
• Giacomo Leopardi suffered from various health issues throughout his life, including a congenital condition that left him hunchbacked and with poor eyesight. 
• These physical challenges greatly influenced his outlook on life and contributed to the themes of suffering and resignation in his poetry.
Giacomo Leopardi Multilingualism:
• Leopardi was a polyglot and had a deep passion for languages. 
Giacomo Leopardi Intellectual Rebellion:
• Leopardi was critical of the prevalent intellectual and philosophical ideas of his time. 
• Giacomo Leopardi rejected the optimism of the Enlightenment period and criticized the notion of progress, believing that human existence was marked by suffering and unattainable desires. 
• Giacomo Leopardi’s philosophical outlook, known as pessimism, challenged the prevailing beliefs of his era.
Giacomo Leopardi Tower of Leopardi:
• One of the most fascinating aspects of Leopardi's life is his self-imposed isolation in the "Tower of Leopardi." 
• During his late teens and early twenties, he spent much of his time in a small room located in his family's palace in Recanati. 
Giacomo Leopardi Zibaldone:
• Leopardi's most significant literary work is the "Zibaldone di pensieri" ("Miscellany of Thoughts"). 
• It is an extensive collection of his philosophical, literary, and personal reflections compiled in over 4,500 pages. 
• The "Zibaldone" was not published during his lifetime but later became a crucial source for understanding his intellectual development and philosophical ideas.
Giacomo Leopardi Influence on Italian Literature:
1. Despite his relatively short life (he passed away at the age of 38), Leopardi had a profound impact on Italian literature.  
2. Giacomo Leopardi works were pivotal in shaping Italian Romanticism and inspiring generations of poets and writers.
Giacomo Leopardi Posthumous Recognition:
• While Leopardi's work did not gain significant recognition during his lifetime, he has since been revered as one of Italy's greatest literary figures. 
• Giacomo Leopardi works are studied in schools, and his poems continue to be celebrated for their emotional depth and philosophical insights. 
• Leopardi's influence extends beyond Italy, with his writings translated and appreciated by readers worldwide.

Giacomo Leopardi Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair

Height (Approx.)
In Centimeters 157 cm
In Meters 1.57 m
In feet & Inches 5'2"

Weight (Approx.)
In Kilograms 56 Kg
In Pounds 123 lbs

Eye Color

Hair Color

Giacomo Leopardi Family, Parents, Kids, Father, Mother, Children

Father's Name
Monaldo Leopardi

Mother's Name
Adelaide Antici Leopardi

Gertrude Cassi Lazzari

Carlo Leopardi, Pierfrancesco Leopardi, Luigi Leopardi

Paolina Leopardi



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