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  • Stephanie Kwolek - images

Stephanie Kwolek (Stephanie Louise Kwolek)

Last Updated: 30 Jul, 2023 | Views: 199

Age: 90

Profession: Scientist

Other Profession(s): Writer, Inventor, Chemist, Jazz Guitarist

Famous For: Inventor of Kevlar

Higher Education: BS degree in chemistry

Stephanie Kwolek Birth Date, Sign, Religion, Nationality, Hometown

Date of Birth
31 Jul, 1923 (90 Years 10 Months 18 Days)

Birth Country
United States

Birth State/Province

Birth District

Birth Sign



Died on
18 Jun, 2014

Cause of Death
Brief Illness

Stephanie Kwolek Early life, Education, Career, Awards, Achievements, Controversy, Unknown Facts

About (Profile/Biography):
Stephanie Louise Kwolek was born on July 31, 1923 and died on June 18, 2014. She was a Polish-American chemist. Upon retiring from DuPont in 1986, Kwolek was a research associate. In addition to serving on the National Research Council and the National Academy of Sciences, she consulted for DuPont during her last years.
Stephanie Kwolek Education:
• 1946: Bachelor of Science degree from Margaret Morrison Carnegie College (Carnegie Mellon University)
Stephanie Kwolek Career:
Stephanie Kwolek Discovery of Kevlar: 
• Kwolek's most significant contribution to the field of chemistry was the development of Kevlar, a high-strength synthetic fiber. 
Stephanie KwolekCareer at DuPont: 
• Kwolek joined DuPont in 1946 after completing her undergraduate studies in chemistry. 
• She initially worked as a research chemist in the company's textile fibers department. 
• Her work on Kevlar was a standout achievement that revolutionized the materials industry.
Stephanie KwolekContinued Impact: 
• Beyond Kevlar, Kwolek made other significant contributions to the field of chemistry and materials science. 
• She holds over 17 patents and was involved in research related to other high-performance fibers and polymers. 
• Her work helped advance the understanding of liquid crystalline polymers and their applications.
Stephanie KwolekMentoring and Advocacy: 
• Throughout her career, Kwolek was an advocate for encouraging young people, particularly women, to pursue careers in science and technology.
Stephanie Kwolek Awards:
• DuPont company's Lavoisier Medal
• 1980: Chemical Pioneer Award 
• 1995: National Inventors Hall of Fame
• 1996: IRI Achievement Award
• 1997: Perkin Medal 
• 2003: National Women's Hall of Fame
• 2001: Carnegie Mellon University

Stephanie Kwolek Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair

Height (Approx.)
In Centimeters 158 cm
In Meters 1.58 m
In Feet & Inches 5'1"

Weight (Approx.)
In Kilograms 56 kg
In Pounds 123 Ibs

Eye Color

Hair Color

Stephanie Kwolek Family, Parents, Kids, Father, Mother, Children

Father's Name
John Kwolek

Mother's Name
Nellie Kwolek






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