The 100 TV Series Quiz: What The 100 Character Are You?

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The 100 TV Series Quiz: What The 100 Character Are You?

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What character from The 100 TV show are you? rgb(255, 195, 134);">Discover your personality character by answering a few questions in this quiz.Shelby Flannery as Hope Diyoza, JR Bourne as Russell Lightbourne, Shannon Kook as Jordan Green, Eliza Taylor as Clarke Griffin, Chuku Modu as Gabriel Santiago, and more.

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How important is trust and loyalty to you?
What motivates you to fight for survival and overcome obstacles?
How do you handle difficult decisions that involve sacrificing lives for the greater good?
How do you handle betrayal and mistrust from those closest to you?
How do you handle conflict and opposition?
What is your approach when you encounter a scenario with no feasible options?
What is your opinion on violence and killing?
What do you think about the leadership qualities?
How do you handle personal loss and grief?
In your opinion, what is the essential factor in establishing and preserving partnerships?
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