Which A Haunting In Venice Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which A Haunting In Venice Character Are You? - Quiz

Take this popular quiz A Haunting In Venice Character Quiz to see which iconic character from the movie are you?

Welcome To A Haunting In Venice Quiz!Show More

Ever dreamt of Venice, but with a touch of ghostly intrigue? Take our quiz and discover your inner gondolier of the gothic! Are you a curious artist like Allison, chasing chills alongside your spectral companion? Or perhaps a stoic skeptic like Simone, determined to debunk the supernatural until... Answer fun questions about shadows, secrets, and facing your fears, and find your place in this hauntingly romantic tale!
Ready to waltz with the unknown? Play the QUIZ and uncover your Venetian mystery!

When you are in Venice and hear a catchy tune, how do you feel?

While on a canal boat ride, you see a ghostly reflection in the water. Your response is:

You discover a mask in Venice that reflects your innermost emotions. What do you do?

A cryptic message in an ancient language is received by you. What do you do first?

How would you react if you found a diary belonging to a Venice tourist?

There is suddenly a mist on an empty bridge. What is your response?

If you enter the abandoned building and come across a locked door, what would you do?

In one hidden yard, bunch of old tarot-cards lie. What do you do with them?

You encounter a strange figure wearing a mask in Venice. What would be your response?

An old house is well worth exploring, but what happens if you stumble across a flickering candle?

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