A Model Family TV Series Quiz: Which A Model Family Character Are You?

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A Model Family TV Series Quiz: Which A Model Family Character Are You?

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Think you can be in the Park family? Take this quiz and find out which character from the hit Netflix series "A Model Family" you’re most like.
This quiz is built off of the personality and motivations of the main characters in that show. It’s going to ask how you value things, how you are with others, and how well you work under pressure.
At the end of it all, you’ll know who you’re like. Are you a determined leader like Dong-ha? Or maybe a loving mom like Eun-joo? Could be rebellious but with a good heart like Woo-hyun. Or maybe a mischievous daughter that’s loyal like Joo-hyun.

Let's Start this Quiz
How do you handle conflicts with others?
How do you approach handling mistakes or failures?
How do you handle secrets or sensitive information?
What is your communication style?
How do you handle unexpected changes in life?
What is your approach to achieving your goals?
How do you handle emotional challenges?
In a difficult situation, what would you do?
What role do you often take in a group setting?
What motivates you to keep going during tough times?
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