Abdul Ghaffar Khan Quiz: Political Leader

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Abdul Ghaffar Khan Quiz: Political Leader

Abdul Ghaffār Khān, well-known as Badshah Khan, Bacha Khan or Fakhr-e-Afghan was born in 1890. He was the leader of the Khudai Khidmatgar rebel force against British colonial control in India and a Pashtun activist for Indian independence. He was a revered Muslim and supporter of Hindu-Muslim unity in the Indian subcontinent. He was a spiritual and political leader recognised for his peaceful opposition and lifelong pacifism. Here’s a quiz based on Abdul Ghaffār Khān. Let’s play the quiz.

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Khan was nominated for which prize in 1984?
Where was Abdul Ghaffār Khān born?
In what year was Khan arrested for opposing the One Unit program?
When did Khan die?
When was Abdul Ghaffār Khān born?
In 1929, Khan started which movement?
When was Khan buried at his house in Jalalabad, Afghanistan?
Which activist's independence movement did Khan join in 1911?
What was Khan's nickname given to him because of his close connection and shared views with Mahatma Gandhi?
To whom did Khan get married?