Abraham Lincoln Trivia Quiz: America's greatest heroes & US President

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Abraham Lincoln Trivia Quiz: America's greatest heroes & US President

Abraham Lincoln Quiz: How well do you know Abraham Lincoln?

Abraham Lincoln was born in 1809 and was raised in Indiana on the frontier.  He was an American lawyer and statesman. He became the most admired President of the United States and served until his assassination. With his great thoughts, culture, and compassionate nature, Lincoln led the nation during the political crisis through the American Civil War. Let's take a quiz to know how much you know about Abraham Lincoln.

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When Abraham Lincoln died?
When was Abraham Lincoln born?
When was Abraham Lincoln's family moved to southern Indiana?
Abraham Lincoln became _______ President of the United States.
Which of the following war took place during Abraham Lincoln as the US president?
Abraham Lincoln was a politician and ____________
What was the name of Abraham Lincoln's father?
In which year, Abraham Lincoln won the US presidential election?
Abraham Lincoln was _______ member of the Illinois State Legislature?
What was the name of Abraham Lincoln's wife?

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