Adverb Quiz Online: How Well Do You Know About Adverbs?

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Let's Start this Quiz

Do you know adverbs? Are you curious to know how well do you know about Adverbs? Play our quiz online. We have listed the 10 simple Adverbs questions. These questions help you to know the better understanding of the adverbs.
Whether you are a beginner or an experienced, you can play a quiz that matches your level.
Take our Adverb quiz. It’s a fun way to:
• Solidify your understanding of adverbs
• Identify areas that need improvement
• Learn new and interesting adverb facts

Identify the adverb in the sentence: "They spoke softly to avoid waking the baby."

  • Softly

  • They

  • Spoke

  • Waking

Choose the adverb in the sentence: "He drove dangerously fast."

  • He

  • Drove

  • Dangerously

  • Fast

Which adverb is used to indicate frequency?

  • Never

  • Quickly

  • Happily

  • Late

What does an adverb of manner describe?

  • Time

  • Place

  • Manner or how something is done

  • Quantity

Which adverb is used to indicate place or location?

  • Always

  • There

  • Suddenly

  • Often

Which of the following is NOT an adverb?

  • Quickly

  • Beautifully

  • Friendly

  • Happily

What is an adverb?

  • A word that describes a noun

  • A word that describes a verb

  • A word that connects two clauses

  • A word that shows possession

Which of the following adverbs is used to indicate time?

  • Soon

  • Here

  • Quite

  • Such

What does an adverb modify?

  • Pronouns

  • Adjectives

  • Conjunctions

  • Verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs

Identify the adverb in the sentence: "She sings very beautifully."

  • She

  • Sings

  • Very

  • Beautifully


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