Which Aggretsuko Character Are You? - Aggretsuko Quiz

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Which Aggretsuko Character Are You? - Aggretsuko Quiz

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Welcome To Aggretsuko Quiz!Show More

Ever feel like screaming "Gyao!" into your morning coffee? Maybe you secretly rock out in karaoke bars, or dream of mastering death metal after work. Dive into the wild world of Aggretsuko with this fun quiz and discover your true red panda self!
Are you a fiery force like Retsuko, ready to belt out your frustrations in a death metal band? Or a cool and collected Washimi, slaying deadlines with samurai-like efficiency? Perhaps you're the lovable goofball Haida, or the sharp-tongued Tsunoda, keeping everyone on their toes.
Answer quick questions about work woes, karaoke dreams, and your go-to stress busters, and find out whether you'll be shredding on stage, climbing the corporate ladder, or winning hearts with your quirky charm. Ready to unleash your inner Aggretsuko? Let's go!

How do you handle annoying coworkers?

If someone asked, how would you describe yourself as an employee?

What’s your ideal weekend like?

What’s your most preferred way of expressing annoyance?

What is your dream job?

What song would you do for karaoke?

What is your normal response to a stressful situation?

How do you take criticism?

What’s your favorite way to relax after a long day?

How do you approach conflict resolution?

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