Ajith Kumar Quiz: Super Star Of Tamil Films

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  • Last Updated: 09 May, 2022
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Ajith Kumar Quiz: Super Star Of Tamil Films

Ajith Kumar was born in the Indian city of Secunderabad in the year 1971. He is an Indian actor who primarily appears in Tamil films. Ajith has appeared in nearly 60 Tamil films as of 2022. He started his acting career in a Telugu film as a supporting actor before breaking through with the Tamil thriller Aasai. Here are 10 quiz questions based on Ajith Kumar's career and personal life. Let's play Ajith Kumar Quiz today!

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To whom did Ajith Kumar marry in 2000?
We all are familiar that Ajith Kumar is a great actor with this he is also a ________.
In which film did Ajith Kumar play three roles?
Which of the following Film NOT done by Ajith Kumar?
How many Cinema Express Awards did Ajith Kumar win till 2021?
Which of the following is Ajith Kumar's Debut film as a lead actor in Tamil cinema?
When was Ajith Kumar born?
From which Tamil Film did Ajith Kumar begin his acting career?
Where was Ajith Kumar born?
Who is Ajith Kumar?