Akbar The Great Quiz: Third Mughal Emperor

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  • Last Updated: 11 Apr, 2022
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Akbar The Great Quiz: Third Mughal Emperor

Abu'l-Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar, king of the Mughal Empire, known as Akbar, was born in 1542. Known as the greatest monarch of the Mughal dynasty, Akbar was the son of Humayun and Hamida Banu Begum and was born in Amarkot. He centralized the financial system, made improvements to the tax collection process, and reformed the central administration. Do you know who Akbar is? Here are 10 quiz questions based on Akbar's life. Let's play!

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Who was Akbar's mother?
What is the full name of Akbar?
When did Akbar die?
Akbar was ___ Mughal emperor.
Where is Akbar's Tomb located?
Who was Akbar’s wife?
Who was the king of Mughal Empire before Akbar?
When was Akbar born?
How many Ratans did Akbar appoint in his dynasty?
Where did Akbar die?