Alexander the Great Quiz: A Former King of Macedonia

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Alexander the Great Quiz: A Former King of Macedonia

Alexander III of Macedon, well-known as Alexander the Great, was born in Ancient Greece in 356 BC. He was a king of the Macedonian monarchy in ancient Greece. At the age of 20, Alexander succeeded his father Philip II to the throne in 336 BC and spent most of his reign undertaking a lengthy military expedition across Western Asia and Northeastern Africa. He had built one of the biggest empires in history by thirty, ranging from Greece to northeastern India. So let's play the quiz of Alexander the Great.

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Alexander began a series of campaigns against the Achaemenid Empire that lasted for?
During which siege did Alexander stage his most famous battle?
Which king of Persia did Alexander the Great overthrow after the conquest?
As the legend goes, what happened when Alexander was born?
Where did Alexander defeat Darius III for the third time?
Which famous figure tutored Alexander when he was a child?
When did Alexander the Great die?
When was Alexander the Great born?
Which of the following kings supported Alexander against Porus?
Where was Alexander the Great born?