Amartya Sen Quiz: An Indian Economist

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  • Last Updated: 02 Oct, 2022
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Amartya Sen Quiz: An Indian Economist

Amartya Kumar Sen was born in 1933. He is an economist and philosopher from India who has been teaching and working in the US and the UK since 1972. Sen has made significant contributions to social choice theory, welfare economics, economic and social justice, decision theory, public health, economic theories of famines, development economics, and measures of well-being of countries. Here’s a quiz based on Amartya Sen. So, Let’s play the quiz.

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Amartya Sen was named by whom?
When was Amartya Sen born?
Which year did Sen receive the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics?
What is the field of economics in which Sen has made significant contributions?
When did Amartya Sen move from the United States to the United Kingdom?
Who was the director of the documentary Amartya Sen: A Life Re-examined?
Where was Amartya Sen born?
What is the name of the person Sen avidly followed?
Sen promoted which social issue?
What year did Sen receive the Bharat Ratna award?