Amit Trivedi Quiz: An Indian Singer

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  • Last Updated: 18 Jul, 2022
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Amit Trivedi Quiz: An Indian Singer

Amit Trivedi was born in 1979 in India. He is a music director, vocalist, and lyricist who predominantly composes music for Hindi movies. He began his career as a music producer for the 2008 Hindi film Aamir after working as a cinema and jingle musician and composing for non-film albums. He later gained attention for his critically praised work in the Hindi film Dev.D (2009), which won him several awards, along with the 2010 National Film Award for Best Music Direction. So, Let’s play the quiz based on Amit Trivedi.

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To whom did Amit Trivedi get married?
Amit Trivedi and Jonita Gandhi performed together at the Aura festival of the Gogte Institute of Technology. When was it held?
Where was Amit Trivedi born?
In what movie did Trivedi debut as a composer?
When was Amit Trivedi born?
Trivedi composed the title track for which television show?
In which fusion band did Trivedi perform before entering Bollywood?
In which year did Trivedi compose the official anthem for the ICC Men's T20 World Cup?
In which year Amit Trivedi got the Best Music Director of the Year award for Andhadhun?
Honey Singh and Trivedi worked together in which film?