Angelo Moriondo Quiz: An Italian Inventor

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Angelo Moriondo Quiz: An Italian Inventor

Angelo Moriondo was born in 1851 in Italy. He was an Italian inventor best known for patenting the first known espresso machine in 1884. He used a combination of steam and boiling water in his system to make coffee efficiently. Moriondo comes from a family of business owners. His grandparents started a liquor company carried on by his father Giacomo, who later formed Moriondo and Gariglio, a chocolate company with his brother Agostino and cousin Gariglio. Let's play the quiz based on Angelo Moriondo.

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When did Angelo Moriondo die?
What year did Angelo invent the espresso machine?
When was Angelo Moriondo born?
Where did Angelo present his invention in 1884 at the General Expo?
What invention did Angelo make famous?
Where was Angelo Moriondo born?
What company was Angelo's grandfather founded?
Who built Angelo's espresso machine?
Who was Angelo Moriondo?
What was the name of the hotel Angelo owned?