Anna Mani Trivia Quiz: The Weather Woman of India

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Anna Mani Trivia Quiz: The Weather Woman of India

Anna Mani (1918–2001) was born in Peermedu in Kerala. Anna Mani was a respected physicist and meteorologist. She grew up on a large cardamom estate owned by her father. As a child, Anna loved reading, and her favorite pastime was visiting the library when she was twelve. Instead of diamond earrings for her eighth birthday, she chose the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Her career at the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) spanned 30 years & she retired as its Deputy Director General in 1976. Here is Anna Mani’s quiz. Let’s play!

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In which of the following institutes does Anna Mani work?

  • Indian Meteorological Department, Pune 

  • Raman Research Institute, Bangalore

  • Both A and B

  • None of the above

In what year, Anna Mani was appointed as Deputy Director General of the India Meteorological Department.

  • 1960

  • 1969

  • 1962

  • 1961

When did Anna Mani die?

  • 16 August 2021

  • 15 August 2020

  • 15 August 2011

  • 16 August 2001

What is the reason for Anna Mani’s death?

  • A stroke 

  • Mental Illness

  • Kidney failure

  • Heart Attack

In which field did Anna Mani publish her papers?

  • Nanotechnology

  • Environmental biology

  • Meteorological science instruments

  • Geochemistry

In which subject did Anna Mani complete her graduation?

  • Physics

  • Chemistry

  • Both A and B

  • None of the above

Anna Mani also worked under ________.

  • Aryabhata

  • CV Raman

  • Arvind Joshi

  • None of the above

Anna Mani is popularly known for ___________ research.

  • Telescope 

  • Weather forecasting 

  • Both A and B

  • None of the above

Where was Anna Mani born?

  • Kerala

  • Maharashtra

  • Goa

  • None of the above

When was Anna Mani born?

  • 23 August 1908

  • 23 August 1920

  • 23 August 1928

  • 23 August 1918


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