Are You A True Swiftie? - Quiz

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Taylor Swift is one of the most in-demand contemporary female recording artists, she writes lyrical songs about her own experiences.Show More

Taylor Swift, a teenaged girl started her songwriting career at 14 years old. In 2005, she joined Big Machine Records and became well-known as a country-pop artist with her albums called ‘Taylor Swift’(2006) and ‘Fearless’(2008). Her mom’s roots are Scotch-German while his father has Scottish-English lineage with traces of Italian blood in his veins. 
Here is Are You A True Swiftie? Quiz you can play for your fun. 
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Do you consider yourself a dedicated fan of Taylor Swift?

Have you watched Taylor Swift's documentaries or interviews?

Do you participate in Taylor Swift fan communities or forums?

Do you know all the lyrics to Taylor Swift's songs?

Have you ever traveled to attend a Taylor Swift-related event?

Have you attended a Taylor Swift concert?

Do you follow Taylor Swift on social media?

Have you ever bought Taylor Swift merchandise?

Have you ever dressed up as Taylor Swift for Halloween or a costume party?

Do you know Taylor Swift's full discography?

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