Arijit Singh Quiz: The King of playback singing

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  • Last Updated: 17 Nov, 2021
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Arijit Singh Quiz: The King of playback singing

Arijit Singh was born in April 1987 and is an Indian singer and composer. He sings mainly in Hindi, Bengali, and Telugu but also in other Indian languages. He is the recipient of a National Award and a record of six Filmfare Awards. Known as the "King of playback singing," he has been named Spotify's most-streamed Indian artist of 2020. He is also the top Asian solo artist on Spotify.

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What is the name of his NGO?
How many awards did he receive in his career till now?
What TV reality show started his career?
What were his first reality show partner and first wife?
Who is his wife?
Where was Arijit Singh born?
What song did he win the President of India's National Film Award for?
What year did Arijit win the Wizcraft Award for Best Live Performer?
Which movie won Arijit the Song of the Year Award in 2019?
Which song is Arijit Singh's Bollywood debut?