Arjun Sarja Quiz: An Indian Actor

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  • Last Updated: 22 Aug, 2022
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Arjun Sarja Quiz: An Indian Actor

Srinivasa "Arjun" Sarja was born in 1962 in Karnataka. He is a popular Tamil film industry producer, actor,and director from India who also works in Kannada and Telugu. Arjun, who is referred to as "Action King" by the media and his admirers for his appearances in action movies, has appeared in more than 160 movies, the majority of them in leading parts. Let’s play the quiz based on Arjun Sarja.

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When was Arjun Sarja born?
To whom did Arjun get married?
In 1993, for which film Arjun won the Tamil Nadu State Film Award for Best Actor?
Which famous Kannada actor was the father of Arjun?
Where was Arjun Sarja born?
What was the name of Arjun’s first Tamil film?
Which was Arjun’s first film in which he featured as a child artist?
When did Arjun won the Norway Tamil Film Festival Award for Best Supporting Actor for the film Hero?
In which year Arjun won the Vijay Award for Best Villain for the film Kadal?
With which film Arjun marked his Telugu debut?