Arnab Goswami Quiz: Indian News Anchor

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Arnab Goswami Quiz: Indian News Anchor

Arnab Goswami was born in March 1973. He was the editor-in-chief and a reporter for Times Now and ET Now from 2006 to 2016. In November 2016, Goswami resigned as Times Now's editor-in-chief after leading The Newshour, a live debate on weekdays at 9 pm (IST). His news channel Republic TV launched in May 2017. He wrote various columns, books and was the recipient of the Asam Sahitya Sabha Award in 2017. Arnab's mother, Suprabha Gain-Goswami is an author.

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When was Arnab Goswami awarded by 'Media Person of Year Award by the International Advertising Association'?
In which year was Arnab Goswami awarded the 'Society Young Achievers Award for excellence in Media'?
Arnab Goswami is the owner of which News Channel?
In which news channel was Arnab Goswami the editor-in-chief and a news anchor?
When did Arnab Goswami resign from Times Now?
What is the middle name of Arnab Goswami?
In which year did Arnab Goswami join NDTV?
In which year did The Entrepreneur magazine publish Arnab Goswami's biography?
When was Arnab Goswami born?
For which show did Arnab Goswami win him an award for the Best News Anchor of Asia 2004 in the 2004 Asian Television Awards?