Which Attack On Titan Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Attack On Titan Character Are You? - Quiz

Take this Attack On Titan Character Quiz to see which iconic character from Attack On Titan matches your personality.

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Ever stared up at towering titans, dreamt of soaring through the air, or fought for freedom with grit and steel? Then strap on your ODM gear and dive into the heart-pounding world of Attack on Titan with this epic quiz!
Are you the determined Eren, fueled by righteous rage and an unyielding will to fight? Or maybe the stoic Mikasa, a whirlwind of blades with unwavering loyalty to her friends? Perhaps you're the strategic Armin, using your mind as a weapon and seeing a path unseen by others? Or maybe, just maybe, you're the enigmatic Levi, a whirlwind of blades with unyielding discipline and a thirst for cleanliness?
No matter your fighting style or hidden depths, Attack on Titan has a hero (or villain) for you! So answer these intense questions and uncover your true Titan destiny!

What would be your favorite weapon in battle in the ‘Attack on Titan’?

How do you manage stress and fear in tense situations?

What are your views regarding authority and being a leader?

Which ability do you wish you had?

When given a task that’s impossible to complete, what do you rely on to push through?

What would you do in a free time?

Which instinct do you act on when it’s a life-or-death situation?

What’s your favorite food or drink in Attack on Titan?

What is the most important trait you look for in others?

Which one word best describes you?

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