Avengers Movie Quiz: Which “Avengers” Character You Look Like?

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Avengers Movie Quiz: Which “Avengers” Character You Look Like?

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Take our quiz to find out which Avengers character you are! Answer a few fun questions and discover if you're more like the witty Tony Stark, the heroic Captain America, the powerful Thor, the mysterious Black Widow, the brilliant Bruce Banner or the loyal Hawkeye. In the films, Robert Downey Jr. played Tony Stark, Chris Evans played Captain America, Chris Hemsworth played Thor, and Tom Holland played Spiderman. Start the quiz now! 

Which of these would be your catchphrase?

What is your ideal fighting style?

What is your preferred style of humor?

What is your preferred weapon?

How important is your past to you?

How do you react to authority?

What is your preferred mode of transportation?

How do you handle pressure?

What is your ideal living situation?

Which quality do you think is most important in a hero?

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