Bappi Lahiri Quiz: Legendary Composer-Singer

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  • Last Updated: 17 Feb, 2022
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Bappi Lahiri Quiz: Legendary Composer-Singer

Alokesh Lahiri was born in 1952 in West Bengal, India. In Indian Cinema, Alokesh Lahiri was popularly known as Bappi Lahir. He was one of the great singers, song composers, politicians, and record producers. Synthesized disco music was his main song of interest that made him a great singer and composer in Indian cinema. He also received numerous awards for his singing and music composition. Are you a real fan of Bappi Lahiri? If yes! Here are 10 quiz questions on Bappi Lahiri’s life. Let’s play this quiz.

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In what year did Bappi Lahiri receive the “Lifetime Achievement Award”?
When was Bappi Lahiri died?
For which song did Bappi Lahiri receive “Mirchi Music Awards” in 2012?
What is Bappi Lahiri’s date of birth?
Which of the following song NOT sung by Bappi Lahiri?
Which is the first Hindi film for which Bappi Lahiri composed music?
Which of the following song was Bappi Lahiri’s first Hindi composition?
Who was Bappi Lahiri?
Who sang one of the famous songs, “Tamma Tamma” from “Badrinath Ki Dulhania”?
What was the cause of Bappi Lahiri’s death?