Which Behind Your Touch Character Are You? - Quiz

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Which Behind Your Touch Character Are You? - Quiz

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Behind Your Touch is a South Korean television series about a veterinarian with psychometric powers, and a hot-blooded detective who fall in love with each other while solving minor crime cases in a small town in Mujin, Chungcheong-do.Show More

In this romantic comedy, the lives of Bong Ye-bun, Bae Ok-hee, Kim Seon-woo, and Moon Jang-yeol intertwine in delightful ways. Discover which character's traits align with your own as you answer the following questions. Are you more like the optimistic Ye-bun, the supportive Bae Ok-hee, the charming Seon-woo, or the sincere Jang-yeol? Let the quiz reveal the character behind your touch!

How do you approach bringing joy to others?

Your preferred method of communication is:

How do you handle moments of vulnerability?

Your preferred way to show appreciation is:

How do you approach a new challenge?

What's your response to challenges in relationships?

How do you express your feelings to someone special?

How do you view the concept of love?

How do you view the concept of destiny in love?

How do you approach forming connections with others?

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