Which Believer 2 Character Are You? - Believer 2 Quiz

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Which Believer 2 Character Are You? - Believer 2 Quiz

Take this most popular Believer 2 to see which iconic character from the movie Believer 2 are you?

Believer 2 was directed by Baek Jong-yul in 2023.Show More

This film is anticipated to follow Believer of 2018 and it will star Cho Jin-woong, Cha Seung-won, Han Hyo-joo, Oh Seung-hoon, Kim Dong-young, and Lee Joo-young. The second part deals with a chase from Rak’s best friend Won-ho who vanishes after Brian’s incarceration as he seeks to uncover the truth behind the ruthless drug cartel. It made its first appearance at Korean Cinema Today-Special Premiere subsection during the 28th Busan International Film festival on October 5, 2023. It will be available for streaming on Netflix starting November 17th.
What Believer 2 Character Are You?
Are you the unyielding investigator, the mysterious crime lord, the lethal hitman or the determined drug dealer? Take Believer 2 Quiz now and find out your real believer personality!

The discovery of an artifact shrouded in mystery and unknown powers. How do you feel about it being used?
A tragedy occurs and there is not enough to go round. What do you do?
Your most trusted friend has betrayed you for Self-Advancement. How can you deal with such treachery?
A new religious movement is gaining popularity, but many people are doubtful about its authenticity. How should you approach such a phenomenon?
The city’s leaders are corrupt, and the people are suffering. What part do you play in causing change?
A major shift in the balance of power is predicted by a prophecy. How are you getting ready for what is about to take place?
Someone has suggested that your best friend doubts the authorities. How do you back them?
In the midst of this a city in turmoil, you have seen an act of injustice. What do you do immediately?
An opponent is trying to prove you wrong and put your society at risk. And how would you react?
Find a way to help the city solve its environmental problems. What do you do to contribute?
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