Benjamin Franklin Trivia Quiz: Founding Father of the United States

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Benjamin Franklin Trivia Quiz: Founding Father of the United States

Benjamin Franklin was born in Milk Street, Boston, on January 17, 1706. He was a scientist, writer, statesman, inventor, printer, publisher, diplomat, and political philosopher who lived in the United States. Benjamin was a founding father of the United States, a signer and drafter of the United States Declaration of Independence, and the first postmaster general of the United States. For his experiments and theories about electricity, he was an essential factor in the American Enlightenment and the history of physics as a scientist. Here's a quiz based on Benjamin Franklin.

Which of these positions does Franklin Not achieve?

  • Postmaster General of America

  • Governor of Pennsylvania

  • Delegate to the Second Continental Congress

  • Commissioner to the Paris peace treaty negotiations

What was the pamphlet that Benjamin Franklin published each year starting in 1732?

  • Pennsylvania Gazette

  • A Penny Saved

  • Philadelphia Magazine

  • Poor Richard's Almanack

When Franklin leaves Boston, which was the first city he traveled to?

  • Philadelphia

  • New York

  • New Haven

  • Trenton

In 1730, to whom did Franklin enters into a common-law marriage?

  • Deborah Read

  • Sally Hemings

  • Susan Wright

  • Elizabeth Stoddard

When did Benjamin Franklin die?

  • February 13, 1785

  • March 15, 1789

  • April 17, 1790

  • May 20, 1791

Which debating society did Franklin form?

  • The Junto

  • The Forensics Society of Philadelphia

  • The Anti-Stamp Act Association

  • The Skilled Orators Society

When was Benjamin Franklin born?

  • January 1705

  • January 1706

  • March 1705

  • March 1706

Where was Benjamin Franklin born?

  • New York

  • Nashville

  • Denver

  • Boston

In Philadelphia, Franklin began to work for which printer?

  • Thomas Hutchinson

  • William Bradford

  • John Collins

  • Samuel Keimer

What invention of Benjamin Franklin's helped to protect buildings from lightning?

  • Lightning rod

  • Electric umbrella

  • Lightning reflector

  • Lightning shield


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