Bitch x Rich: Quiz: Which Bitch X Rich Character Are You?

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  • Last Updated: 04 Oct, 2023
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Bitch x Rich: Quiz: Which Bitch X Rich Character Are You?

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Take the captivating quiz to find out what character from the world of “Bitch and Rich” best represents your inner self. Their universe is filled with drama and luxury so you must be prepared for anything. Will you answer each question with the ambition of a glamorous socialite? Or maybe the charm of a wealthy playboy? The intelligence of a business shark is always valuable. And don’t forget about the wit and sharp tongue of a gossip columnist that can destroy anyone’s reputation within seconds. Get ready to dive into this thrilling quiz experience and find your place in this extravagant realm.

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How would you handle a social event with high-profile guests and strict protocols?
How do you handle fashion emergencies?
How do you react when you accidentally break something expensive?
What's your reaction when your celebrity crush asks you out on a date?
How would you handle a disastrous live performance on stage?
What's your strategy for dealing with a rude and demanding co-star on set?
What's your strategy for dealing with paparazzi and intrusive media?
How would you handle a fashion mishap on the red carpet?
How do you handle gossip and rumors about yourself?
What's your approach to handling fan mail and gifts?
How would you handle an unexpected encounter with a fan who can't stop crying?
How do you handle embarrassing moments in public?
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