Blue Eye Samurai Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You?

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Blue Eye Samurai Quiz: Which Blue Eye Samurai Character Are You?

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Blue Eye Samurai is an American adult-animated action streaming television series that French company Blue Spirit animated. It was created and written by husband and wife Michael Green and Amber Noizumi. The time frame in which it is set is Japan’s Edo period during the 17th century. Following the Tokugawa shogunate’s closure of its borders to foreigners, a mixed-race swords master -Mizu- seeks to avenge four white men who remain illegally in Japan.

Let's Start this Quiz
Your team has reached a difficult decision. What should be your contribution?
During a stealth mission, you accidentally make a noise. Your reaction is to:
How do you demonstrate your leadership abilities when challenged by a rival?
The community needs your assistance after several cases of banditry. What will you do?
Your friend is accused of a crime. How do you support them?
What will you do if you find a lost artifact with powers that are not known to the world? How would you react?
If you are invited to a party, you are dared to participate in a friendly contest. How would you go about it?
A mysterious ally offers crucial information. How do you respond?
A powerful enemy challenges your loyalty. Your response is to:
You find an enigmatic path in the forest. How would you proceed?
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