Book Quiz: What Book Genre Should You Read?

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Book Quiz: What Book Genre Should You Read?

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To see which book shows your personality, you must take Book Quiz.Show More

The book quiz offers some questions based on your personality, and you must select one option from the four options. These questions are specially designed for book lovers who are keenly interested in reading different genders books such as motivational, self-help, romance, thriller, horror, comedy, fiction, novel, rom-coms, and so on genres. This quiz assesses your intellectual power by giving you a simple life situation and as a result, tells you about the name of the book that perfectly suits your personality!
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See how much you know about the books and their different genres. Let's find out which book suits your personality. Take a quiz to uncover different genres of books such as motivational, self-help, horror, comedy, or someone else.

How important is character development to you?
What is your preferred level of violence in a book?
What is your view on the supernatural elements in a book?
How do you like your main character?
What is your overall mood when reading a book?
How important is a happy ending to you?
What story do want to enjoy reading?
What environment you like the most?
What is your favorite plot element?
What humor you want?
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