Brahmanandam Quiz: An Indian Actor

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  • Last Updated: 25 Aug, 2022
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Brahmanandam Quiz: An Indian Actor

Kanneganti Brahmanandam was born in 1956. He is an Indian comedian, actor, voice artist, and impersonator best known for his Telugu-language film roles. He's famous for his comical facial expressions in particular. With almost 1000 films to his name, he currently holds the Guinness World Record for the most movie credits for a living actor. He received an honorary doctorate from Acharya Nagarjuna University. Here’s a quiz based on Brahmanandam. So, let’s play the quiz.

Let's Start this Quiz
In which of these films Brahmanandam appeared in 2019?
To whom did Brahmanandam get married?
In what year Brahmanandam receive the SIIMA Award for Best Comedian (Telugu) for the film Dookudu?
Where was Brahmanandam born?
With which show Brahmanandammade his television debut?
When was Brahmanandam born?
When did Brahmanandam won the Nandi Best Supporting Actor Award for the film Anna?
When did Brahmanandam got the Padma Shri?
In 2002, for which film Brahmanandam won the Filmfare Award for Best Comedian – Telugu?
For which film Brahmanandam won his first major award?