Bupkis Series Quiz: Which Bupkis Character Are You?

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Bupkis Series Quiz: Which Bupkis Character Are You?

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Bupkis is an American comedy-drama television series. In the new sitcom "Bupkis," Pete Davidson plays a somewhat autobiographical, somewhat exaggerated version of himself. "Bupkis" features guest stars in each episode.  From the wild and unpredictable Pete Davidson to the straight-laced Bobby Cannavale, which character best matches your personality? Test your knowledge and find out now!

Let's Start this Quiz
A friend is going through a tough time and needs your support. How do you respond?
What do you do in your spare time?
How do you express your emotions?
What is your relationship with money?
You've been given an important task to complete but are feeling overwhelmed. What do you do?
What is your attitude towards authority figures?
What is your approach to work or school projects?
What is your communication style?
What inspires you to keep going when times are difficult?
You've made a mistake and are facing consequences for it. How do you handle the situation?
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