Candace Owens Trivia Quiz: An American conservative commentator, author

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Candace Owens Quiz: How well do you know Candace Owens?

Candace Owens is an American conservative commentator, author, and political activist. She is the founder of the BLEXIT Foundation, which seeks to encourage black Americans to leave the Democratic Party, and has been a vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. Owens gained widespread attention for her commentary on social media, and has appeared as a commentator on various news networks.

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How old was Owens when she received racist death threats from a group of white male classmates?
What is Owens' stance on vaccination during the COVID-19 pandemic?
In what year did Candace Owens join The Daily Wire to host a political talk show called Candace?
What is Owens' stance on lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic?
What was the name of the marketing agency that Owens was CEO of in 2015?
According to Candace Owens, what issue facing Black Americans is often exaggerated?
Which right-wing political commentators and Trump supporters supported Owens after she was doxxed for her controversial website?
Which university did Owens attend to pursue an undergraduate degree in journalism?
What was the name of the conservative advocacy group that Owens worked for as its communications director between 2017 and 2019?
What was the name of the website that Owens launched in 2016, which drew criticism for violating users' privacy?

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