Catherine the Great Quiz: Empress of Russia

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Catherine the Great Quiz: Empress of Russia

Catherine II, well-known as Catherine the Great, was born in Prussia in 1729. She was Russia's last reigning Empress Regnant and the country's longest-serving female ruler (from 1762 to 1796). Following the overthrow of her husband and second cousin, Peter III, Catherine rose to power. Russia grew larger. Its culture was reinvigorated, and it was recognized as one of Europe's great powers throughout her reign. Let's play the quiz related to Catherine the Great.

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Who claimed to be Peter III and led Cossack forces against Catherine?
To whom did Catherine get married in 1745?
When did Catherine proclaim herself czarina?
What edict did Catherine issue in 1785 that increased the power of the nobility and the upper classes?
What disease did Catherine the Great help develop a vaccine for?
What was Catherine's name at the time of her birth?
When was Catherine the Great born?
Where was Catherine the Great born?
The period during which Catherine ruled was also called what?
When did Catherine the Great die?