Chandragupta Maurya Trivia Quiz: Founder of the Maurya Empire

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Chandragupta Maurya Trivia Quiz: Founder of the Maurya Empire

Chandragupta Maurya in ancient India founded the Maurya Empire. On the Indian subcontinent, Chandragupta founded one of the most powerful empires. Chandragupta's life and accomplishments are recorded in ancient Hindu, Buddhist, Jain, and Greek sources. Chandragupta Maurya was a major leader in Indian history, laying the foundations for the first state to unite the country's majority. Here's a quiz based on Chandragupta Maurya.

How many children does Chandragupta Maurya?

  • Two

  • Three

  • One

  • Four

What was the name of Chandragupta's son?

  • Bimbisara

  • Bindusara

  • Ashoka

  • Shalishuka

When was Chandragupta Maurya born?

  • 339 BCE

  • 340 BCE

  • 341 BCE

  • 342 BCE

What is the height of Chandragupta Maurya?

  • 5 Feet , 10 Inches (Approx)

  • 4 Feet, 10 Inches (Approx)

  • 5 Feet, 4 Inches (Approx)

  • 6 Feet ,2 Inches (Approx)

Chandragupta's Mauryan Empire was established in which region?

  • Gwalior

  • Kannauj

  • Hampi

  • Greater Punjab

When did Chandragupta become a king?

  • 321 BCE

  • 322 BCE

  • 323 BCE

  • 324 BCE  

Under whose tutelage did Chandragupta create a new empire?

  • Abhinavagupta

  • Chanakya

  • Drona

  • Shaunaka

When did Chandragupta Maurya die?

  • 297 BCE

  • 296 BCE

  • 295 BCE

  • 294 BCE

Where did Chandragupta use guerrilla warfare methods while employing mercenaries from conquered areas to siege them?

  • Kusumapura

  • Pune

  • Taxila

  • Bandhara

What did Chandragupta become after he abdicated his throne?

  • Brahminism

  • Greek pantheon

  • Buddhism

  • Jain monk

What is the cause of death of Chandragupta Maurya?

  • Starvation

  • Heart Failure

  • Cancer

  • Stroke

To whom did Chandragupta get married?

  • Subhadra

  • Uttara

  • Durdhara

  • Kosala Devi

Where was Chandragupta Maurya born?

  • Taxila

  • Ujjain

  • Sarnath

  • Pataliputra

What is the name of Chandragupta Maurya's father?

  • Shakti Prasad

  • Sarvarthasiddhi 

  • Mankoji Shinde

  • Krishna Ghattamaneni

What is the religion of Chandragupta Maurya?

  • Hinduism

  • Christianity

  • Catholic

  • Jewish


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