Charles wright Trivia Quiz: An American Poet

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Charles Wright Quiz: How well do you know Charles Wright?

Charles Wright is an American poet. He won the Pulitzer Prize in 1998 for Black Zodiac and shared the National Book Award in 1983 for Country Music: Selected Early Poems. He served as the Poet Laureate of the United States from 2014 to 2015. Wright taught at the University of California, Irvine, from 1966 to 1983, and then at the University of Virginia until he retired in 2010. He has published numerous poetry collections, including Zone Journals, Hard Freight, and Negative Blue.

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In what year did Charles Wright retire from the University of Virginia?
What literary journal features Charles Wright's work?
What was the first book for which Charles Wright shared the National Book Award?
What was Charles Wright's job title at the University of Virginia?
What award did Charles Wright win for Chickamauga?
Which poetry collection won Charles Wright the Pulitzer Prize?
Where did Charles Wright earn his bachelor's degree?
What is the title of Charles Wright's first work of criticism?
What translation earned Charles Wright the PEN Translation Prize?
Where did Charles Wright attend high school?

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