Chris Hansen Trivia Quiz: An American journalist

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Chris Hansen Trivia Quiz: An American journalist

Chris Hansen Quiz: How well do you know Chris Hansen?

Christopher Edward Hansen is an American journalist and YouTube personality, known for his work on Dateline NBC and the segment To Catch a Predator. He also hosts Killer Instinct on Investigation Discovery and Crime Watch Daily. He was born on September 13, 1959 in Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Michigan State University. Here are ten quiz questions about Christopher Hansen:

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What was the name of the short-lived news magazine Hansen worked for as a correspondent for NBC News in 1993?
In what city did Hansen work as an investigative reporter and anchor for WDIV?
What did Hansen study at Michigan State University?
What event did Hansen cover for Dateline NBC that included investigative reports on Indian child slave labor and counterfeit prescription drug sales in China?
What is the name of the show Hansen hosts on Investigation Discovery?
When did Hansen become a reporter for NBC affiliate WILX in Lansing, Michigan?
When did Hansen become the new host for the second season of Crime Watch Daily?
What did Hansen's series on deficient airport security result in?
Where did Hansen grow up?
Which segment is Hansen known for on Dateline NBC?

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