Christiane Amanpour Quiz: An British-Iranian journalist

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  • Last Updated: 06 Jan, 2022
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Christiane Amanpour Quiz: An British-Iranian journalist

Christiane Maria Heideh Amanpour was born in the London suburb of Ealing on January 12, 1958. She is a British-Iranian journalist and news anchor. Amanpour is CNN's Chief International Anchor and the anchor of the interview program "Amanpour" (a nightly interview show on CNN International). She also hosts the PBS show Amanpour & Company. In 1983, CNN hired her as an entry-level desk assistant on the foreign desk in Atlanta, Georgia. Here's a quiz based on Christiane Amanpour.

Let's Start this Quiz
In which of these films did Amanpour play herself in the newscast?
To whom did Amanpour get married?
Where was Christiane Amanpour born?
When did Amanpour get a B.A. degree in journalism?
To whom did Amanpour replace on PBS?
When did Amanpour host her first broadcast on ABC News?
When did CNN hire Amanpour?
From where did Amanpour take a degree in journalism?
During their journalism studies, where did Amanpour work?
When was Christiane Amanpour born?