Which Chupa Character Are You? - Chupa Quiz

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Which Chupa Character Are You? - Chupa Quiz

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Chupa is a fantasy adventure film which was produced by 26th Street Pictures.Show More

Chupa channels classic family-friendly adventures with evident enthusiasm and a whole bunch of heart.
• Released: April 7, 2023 (Netflix)
• Director: Jonás Cuarón
• Writers: Sean Kennedy Moore, Joe Barnathan, Marcus Rinehart, Brendan Bellomo
Are you more like Demián Bichir as Chava, Evan Whitten as Alex, Christian Slater as Richard Quinn, Ashley Ciarra as Luna, or Nickolas Verdugo as Memo? Let's Play this Chupa Movie Quiz to discover!

How do you handle technology and gadgets?
What is your overall attitude towards life?
How do you react when faced with a challenge or difficult task?
How do you handle stress or pressure?
When faced with a difficult situation, what is your first instinct?
Which of these values is most important to you?
How do you handle embarrassing moments in public?
What is your biggest fear?
Which of these activities do you enjoy the most?
What is your go-to dance move on the dance floor?
How do you approach challenges or obstacles in your life?
How do you handle criticism or negative feedback?
Which of these words best describes your personality?
How do you handle embarrassing moments on social media?
When it comes to making decisions, what is your approach?
How would you react if you encountered a spider in your room?
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