Class Act Quiz: Which Class Act Character Are You?

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Class Act Quiz: Which Class Act Character Are You?

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Released in 2023, Class Act is a biographical show created by Tristan Séguéla, Olivier Demangel. The series features Laurent Lafitte, Joséphine Japy, Patrick d'Assumçao. It tells the story of Bernard Tapie, a very controversial figure in France. 
Want to take a quiz on Class Act? Find out who you’d be in this dramatic show!
Find out which 'Class Act' character you are now! Find out if you are primarily Bernard Tapie, Dominique Damianos, Jean-Baptiste Tapie, Maître Fabien Bogaert, or another person by taking this quiz. Enjoy your day!

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What do you think about rules and regulations?
How would you describe your general outlook on life?
How to handle disagreements with others?
How do you teach or guide others?
What's your view on authority figures?
What do you do about rule-breakers?
What’s your strategy for solving problems?
How do you handle stressful situations?
What do you normally do when things don't go as planned?
How do you handle chaos?
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