Claude Shannon Trivia Quiz: Father of Information Theory

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Claude Shannon Quiz: How well do you know Claude Shannon?

Claude Elwood Shannon was an American mathematician, electrical engineer, and
cryptographer. Known as the "father of information theory," he made groundbreaking
contributions to the field of cryptography during World War II and developed the mathematical
theory of communication, paving the way for modern digital communication.

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What disease did Claude Shannon suffer from in his last few years?
What was Claude Shannon's Master's thesis about?
At what age did Claude Shannon write his thesis demonstrating that electrical applications of Boolean algebra could construct any logical numerical relationship?
What is Claude Shannon known as in the field of engineering?
Which field did Claude Shannon contribute to during World War II for national defense of the United States?
Which university appointed Claude Shannon as Donner Professor of Science in 1958?
What is the experiment illustrating the capabilities of telephone relays called, which was devised by Claude Shannon in 1952?
Where did Claude Shannon obtain his Ph.D.?
In which paper did Claude Shannon found the subject of information theory?
Which award did Claude Shannon receive in 1966?

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