Commonwealth Day Trivia Quiz: How Much You Know About Commonwealth Games?

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Commonwealth Day Trivia Quiz: How Much You Know About Commonwealth Games?

Commonwealth Day, a celebration of 56 nations, is celebrated on 24th May each year. It is a day that highlights the unity, diversity, and shared values among the 56 member countries of the Commonwealth. Some activities and events promote collaboration and understanding among member nations, including flag-raising ceremonies, cultural performances, and discussions about global issues. Here are 10 quiz questions to test your knowledge about the Commonwealth Games. Let's play the quiz!

How many member countries are in the Commonwealth of Nations?
Which city is known for hosting the main Commonwealth Day service in the United Kingdom?
What is the theme for Commonwealth Day 2023?
Which is NOT a value promoted by the Commonwealth?
Which country hosted the first-ever Commonwealth Day celebration?
Which queen's accession to the throne is traditionally marked as Commonwealth Day?
When is Commonwealth Day celebrated?
In which year was Commonwealth Day first celebrated?
Who gives a special message on Commonwealth Day that is broadcasted across member countries?
Which international organization is associated with Commonwealth Day?

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