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Test about how much you are proficient in Starch programming by attending this computer science MCQ quiz.
Starch Programming: A high-level visual programming language for students to create their own games, stories, animations. It helps students to think in wider section to enhance their creativity and work collaboratively. 
Starch Programming Creator: Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT Media lab
Playing computer science quiz at our platform will help teachers, students and also parents to test their knowledge. Along with this, you can find many more quizzes on other subject areas such as Maths, English grammar and more. So, get ready with your pen and paper to test your knowledge about starch programming questions. 

Which block is used to check if two variables are equal?

  • If then

  • If else

  • If equals

  • If variable = variable

What block is used to make a sprite move 10 steps to the right?

  • Move 10 steps

  • Move right 10 steps

  • Go to x: 10

  • Glide 10 steps

Which block is used to wait for 1 second before executing the next instruction?

  • Wait 1 second

  • Pause 1 second

  • Delay 1 second

  • Sleep 1 second

Which event block is triggered when the green flag is clicked?

  • When sprite clicked

  • When flag clicked

  • When green flag clicked

  • When start clicked

Which block is used to stop all scripts in a sprite?

  • Stop all

  • Stop this

  • Stop scripts

  • End

What block is used to broadcast a message to other sprites?

  • Broadcast message

  • Broadcast

  • Send message

  • Say message

What block is used to switch the costume of a sprite to "Costume2"?

  • Switch costume to Costume2

  • Next costume

  • Change costume to Costume2

  • Costume switch

What block is used to repeat a set of instructions 5 times?

  • Repeat until

  • Repeat 5 times

  • Repeat until done

  • Forever

What block is used to set the size of a sprite to 50%?

  • Set size to 50%

  • Change size by -50

  • Set size to 0.5

  • Shrink by half

Which block is used to hide a sprite?

  • Show

  • Hide

  • Disappear

  • Vanish


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