Crashing Eid Quiz: Which Crashing Eid Character Are You?

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Crashing Eid Quiz: Which Crashing Eid Character Are You?

Take this Crashing Eid Character Character Quiz to see which iconic figure from Crashing Eid matches your personality.

Netflix premiered Crashing Eid, a Saudi Arabian comedy-drama television series, on October 19, 2023. Amir is a British Pakistani man engaged to Razan, a young Saudi woman. Amir must convince Razan’s conservative parents that he is a suitable match when she invites him to celebrate Eid with her family. Saudi Arabian comedian and actress Fatima Al-Banawi created and wrote the show. The cast also includes Ali Al-Enezi, Nada Al-Ahmadi, and Abdullah Al-Sadhan.

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What is your reaction to criticism?
How do you resolve conflicts?
Which dish is your favorite for Eid?
How do you like to spend Eid?
How you show empathy to others?
How do you solve mysteries?
What do you spend all of your free time doing?
What is your favorite destination?
What role do you usually play in a group of friends?
How do you deal with stress?
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