Which Criminal Code Character Are You? - Criminal Code Quiz

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Which Criminal Code Character Are You? - Criminal Code Quiz

Take this most popular Criminal Code Quiz to see which iconic character from the Tv Series Criminal Code are you?

This Criminal Code series relies on the reality of actual events.Show More

As such, it can be seen that some characters are actively engaged in participating and those who steal DNA so as to get to the stolen money. If you love thrilling criminals’ dramas then consider watching the crime show Criminal Code because it has good storylines and suspenseful turns of events that will hold your breath until the end. 
What Criminal Code Character Are You?
Have you ever wondered which fictional criminal character you would most likely be? Take this quiz and find out if you possess all it takes to become a deceitful swindler, a merciless insurgent or an intelligent criminal genius. Play now.

You have received an email containing information on how to cheat on an examination that is coming soon. How would you react?

You think your neighbor is involved in illegal activities. How would you deal with this situation?

You learn that one of your close friends has been spreading false rumors about you. What will you do in this situation?

Someone is shoplifting at a store. What would you do?

There is someone being harassed in public. How would you respond?

What should you do if you accidentally damage someone's property?

A wallet is found with identity but without any money. What is the right move?

You have come across confidential information about your company by mistake and what should you do?

You come across a lost wallet in the street with some significant cash in it. What will you do?

A hit-and-run accident unfolds where you are a witness. What should you do?

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