Cuddle Positions Quiz: What’s Your Cuddle Style?

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Cuddle Positions Quiz: What’s Your Cuddle Style?

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Cuddling is more than just a comforting gesture. It’s a complex action that says a lot about your relationship without using words. Just as humans are complex beings, so too is touching. We don’t know all of the factors that go into how we touch and why we do it, but we do know it’s important in our romantic lives. The goal of this quiz is to get you to think about how you cuddle and make you aware of subtle messages you might be sending your partner. Don’t worry if it gets a little tricky, if you pass there’ll be more fun quizzes after!

Let's Start this Quiz
How much do you like cuddling with your partner?
How much do you two hug each other?
Do you two love each other very much?
Do you and your partner spend a lot of romantic time together?
Are you both heavily involved in each other’s major decision-making process?
How often do you partake in romantic activities with each other?
Do you ever feel insecure about your relationship?
Are you two comfortable with sharing deep and intimate secrets?
When do you ever cuddle with your partner?
How often are the two of you physically intimate?
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